Banagher is despondent now that Full Frontal has learned the final coordinates to Laplace’s Box. Marida encourages him, saying that his chance will come if he holds onto his dreams. Meanwhile, Takuya and a few others have secretly called in a Federation Forces patrol ship and are awaiting the opportunity for a counterattack, but they are discovered by Angelo. Taking them hostage, Angelo demands the destruction of the patrol ship, and Captain Otto decides to dissolve the joint front.
As fierce fighting unfolds, Banagher confronts Frontal. Mineva also takes a stand against Frontal’s plan for a Side Co-Prosperity Sphere, and is joined by Marida. Zinnerman orders Marida to surrender, but her determination overcomes Zinnerman’s hatred. Driven back by Banagher and Marida, Frontal and his comrades escape from the Nahel Argama and head for the Box’s final coordinates.