The Unicorn Gundam reaches the wreckage of Laplace, and the La+ Program’s seal is broken. A speech given 96 years earlier by Ricardo Marcenas, the first prime minister of the Earth Federation government, begins playing back.
Daguza realizes that the Gundam is more than just a killing machine to eradicate Zeon, and he tells Banagher that it incorporates something else that is controlled by a human heart.
But then Frontal’s Sinanju launches an attack, escorted by Angelo and the rest of his guards, and Daguza is killed. Responding to Banagher’s anger, the Unicorn Gundam activates its NT-D system and changes into Destroy Mode, overpowering the Sinanju. However, Gilboa’s machine is shot down while acting as a shield. As the Unicorn Gundam falls toward Earth, Mineva witnesses it as a descending beam of light.