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March 29, 2018

「Items haul,“Gundam Build Divers”! “C3AFA HONG KONG 2018” Event report!

The newest official goods from Sunrise!


The biggest modelling event throughout Japan, “C3”, becomes “C3AFA HONG KONG 2018”, held from the 9th to the 11th of February at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre.


At the event, you can find gunpla for the newest “Gundam Build Divers”, announced to air starting April 3rd, but also many Gundam goods were exposed for viewing or available to purchase. At the Sunrise-BNP booth there were new official models for show, like the “Mobile Suit Gundam 00 amulet” and the “Mobile Suit Gundam Character T-shirt Gihren Zabi”!


Also, on the last day, Sunday 11th, both Allelujah Haptism’s voice actor, Yoshino Hiroyuki and Tieria Erde’s, Kamiya Hiroshi held a talk on the main stage, with great success among fans.


The official goods for Sunrise will be available for viewing on March 24 (Saturday) and 25 (Sunday) at the Tokyo Big Sight for 「AnimeJapan 2018」when they will also be on sale.

09 (Friday) - 11 (Sunday) February 2018

[Place]Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre