Follow Your Heart


At the end of the fierce first match of the Gunpla Battle Japanese Championship semifinals, the private Gunpla Academy has managed to achieve a narrow victory. The defeated Lucas Nemesis apologizes to Sekai because they won’t be able to fight in the final round, but says he’ll be waiting one step ahead, leaving Sekai with the encouraging prediction that they will meet again on the world stage. Meanwhile, Minato Sakai of Tendaiji Academy appears before Yuuma and Fumina to issue a declaration of war. Unable to understand Minato’s one-sided hostility toward Yuuma, Fumina asks the reason for it. This gives Minato an opportunity to spill out all of his previously accumulated feelings about Yuuma. Acknowledging Minato’s feelings, Yuuma apologizes from the bottom of his heart and proclaims his determination. With fresh resolve, the Try Fighters and the Build Busters commence the second match of the semifinals.