The Boy Who Calls The Wind


Fumina Hoshino, president of the Seiho Academy’s Gunpla Battle Club, is flustered. Since she is currently the Battle Club’s only member, it won’t be able to enter the Gunpla Battle Japanese Under-19 Championship, which requires teams of three. Then Fumina meets a transfer student named Sekai Kamiki, a master of the Jigen Haoh school of martial arts. She immediately recruits him for the Battle Club. Sekai, using a Dom that he unexpectedly discovers in the club room, is taken in by the appeal of Gunpla Battle. Then Daiki Miyaga, the president of the Plastic Model Club who has been trying to recruit Fumina, appears and proposes a battle. Even though it’s his first time, Sekai uses his Jigen Haoh martial arts to crush Miyaga’s machine. But then the gifted young builder Yuuma Kousaka, Fumina’s childhood friend, interrupts with his Lightning Gundam!