Worthy Rivals


During a Battle Royal among representatives from each school under the Meijin’s supervision, Sekai Kamiki and Wilfrid Kijima have acknowledged each other as rivals, and they promise to fight again at the national tournament. Yuuma Kousaka, meanwhile, declares that he will get revenge on Saga Adou and looks to the tournament with fresh resolve. Elsewhere, the final regional qualifiers are completed, after being delayed by problems with the venue. The winner of the Osaka qualifiers is team Build Busters from Tendaiji Academy, to which Minato Sakai now belongs. With the national tournament 10 days away, the champions from the participating schools steadily make their preparations. Fumina and her comrades, aiming to defeat the Gunpla Academy, set out to power up their own Gunpla and address their shortcomings based on their experiences at the Nielsen Labs. As the start of the tournament draws near, Gyanko and others come to help, and at last the Try Fighters’ new machines are completed.