Haunted Castle Trap


In the second round of the tournament, the Try Fighters will be facing team SD-R from Toritsu Academy, representing Niigata. These three brothers are formidable enemies, who have made it this far by thoroughly analyzing their opponents’ data, and then using their SD Gundams to execute precision tactics with skillful teamwork. As rival players look on, the battle finally begins. The Try Fighters must search through a huge haunted castle, watching out for enemy attacks. But due to Yuuma’s unexpected weak point, they fall for their opponent’s plan, and the Try Fighters are split up. Fumina heads underground to rejoin her teammates, and finds that a time bomb has been planted to block her path. Meanwhile, Sekai and Yuuma have fallen underground and are now in peril due to the enemy’s Absorb System, which pins down their machines by absorbing Plavsky particles.