Ruler Of The Battlefield


The Try Fighters have achieved a splendid victory in the first round of the regional qualifiers, and they celebrate with a modest toast. But their joy is short-lived as they learn who they will face in round two. Their opponent is Seiren Technical College, a veteran team which is favored to win the championship. Whatever tactics their foes try, Seiren anticipates their moves and drives them to defeat, and thus it’s said that this team rules the battlefield. The night before the match, Fumina summons Sekai and Yuuma to the club room, where they witness a hidden feature of the Winning Gundam which may be their ace in the hole. The Try Fighters face the second round with perfect poise, but Seiren’s three Ez-SR units have analyzed the characteristics of the fighters as well as their machines, and now they strike precisely at the Try Fighters’ weakest points!