Showdown At Solomon


The Try Fighters’ opponent in the final round will be last year’s regional champion, team G-Master from the Miyazato Institute. The two teams prepare for the final battle, each with their own resolve and desires. The battlefield for the final match is the space fortress Solomon. Outside the fortress, Yuuma’s Lightning Gundam exchanges fire with Sudou, who is using the Mega-Shiki built by Minato Sakai of the Shingyo school. Meanwhile, Sekai and Fumina begin a battle inside the fortress with Suga and Sakashita, who were already lying in wait for them. As the fierce fighting continues, Sekai and Fumina exit the fortress. Sudou attempts to shoot them down with his high mega particle cannon, but Yuuma stops him as they trade simultaneous blows. Battered and broken, Sekai and Suga cling to the hope of victory, clashing in a final desperate effort.Supported by Fumina’s and Yuuma’s feelings, Sekai becomes one with the Build Burning Gundam, and it bursts into crimson flame!