Upon This Shield


The Try Fighters have made it into the semifinals as one of the best four teams. A drawing is held to determine the brackets, and they are matched up with Suiryu Academy. Meanwhile, Gyanko’s team from St. Odessa Girls’ School will face last year’s regional champion, the Miyazato Institute. As if from the pressure of fighting the previous champion school, Gyanko comes crying to Sekai before the battle. Out of compassion, Fumina leaves Gyanko alone with Sekai at a fast food restaurant, but it turns out that Gyanko is just playing on Sekai’s sympathy to make him agree to a date. Despite her meek behavior, Gyanko’s strategy fails when Sekai realizes her intentions. Then they suddenly run into Yomi Sakashita and Akira Suga from the Miyazato Institute, and Suga declares that Sekai’s Jigen Haoh school of kenpo won’t work on him. As they go to face their respective semifinals opponents, Gyanko and Sekai promise each other that they’ll meet in the final round…