Her Name Is Gyanko


Yuuma’s transfer to the Gunpla Battle Club, which looked as if it would be a big problem, turns out be quick and easy. It’s almost an anticlimax when he officially joins the club, but they now meet the entry requirements for the Gunpla Battle Championship, and Fumina swiftly completes their entry with a club adviser’s help. With little time until the tournament’s regional qualifiers, Sekai and friends begin their battle training. Then their adviser informs them that he’s arranged a practice match. Their opponents will be the “Song Dynasty Vase” team from St. Odessa Girl’s School, a veteran team which made the best four in last year’s regional qualifiers. Their team leader, Kaoruko Sazaki, is known as “Gyanko” because she is fond of Gyan type mobile suits. As a packed gallery watches, the Try Fighters finally begin their first team battle!