To Fly To the Future


The Try Fighters have been utterly defeated by Gundam The End, the Gunpla controlled by Saga Adou of the Gunpla Academy. Yuuma is unable to hide his shock at witnessing the vast difference in their abilities, and he flees the scene, leaving his teammates behind. The concerned Fumina asks Mr. Ral to look after Sekai, who has collapsed as a result of assimilation, while she goes in search of Yuuma. Meanwhile, Meijin Kawaguchi appears before the dispirited Yuuma. Without explanation, the Meijin spirits him away in his motorcycle sidecar. Fumina sees them go, and is then approached by Lady Kawaguchi, who warns her that “As a Gunpla builder and fighter, you’re definitely lacking something.” To restore their lost confidence, and show them what they lack, the two Kawaguchis challenge Yuuma and Fumina to battle!