Team Up, Try Fighters!


Having transferred to the Seiho Academy, Sekai discovers that he and Yuuma are in the same class. He challenges Yuuma to a battle but is bluntly rejected. Meanwhile, the school’s student council has decided to merge the Gunpla Battle Club with the Plastic Model Club. To survive on its own, the Battle Club must defeat the Plamo Club in battle, and Yuuma is among the latter’s players. With the Battle Club facing three-to-two odds, the battle seems like a mere formality, but Fumina’s tactics let them put up a good fight. Miyaga loses his temper and deploys the huge mobile armor Agrissa, finally backing Fumina into a corner. But Yuuma, unable to accept that his club president is trying to win by ignoring the previously agreed rules, teams up with Sekai to destroy Miyaga’s Agrissa. Thus, with the addition of Yuuma, team Try Fighters is finally formed!