Eve of Chaos


The Freedom Gundam was destroyed by Shin’s onslaught, but Kira was rescued safely by Cagalli. Archangel was also able to escape despite its severe damages and heads to Orb. Shin returns to the Minerva after defeating Freedom Gundam and is cheered on by the crew. He tells Athrun that he has taken revenge for both of them. Athrun becomes furious and grabs Shin by the collar and starts to fight. Rey pulls the two away from each other and tells Athrun that his concern toward Kira and the Archangel is in fact just personal sentiments, and that as long as he is a soldier, the Supreme Council’s order is absolute. What Rey says is right and Athrun has nothing to say.
Meanwhile, people who were deeply moved by Durandal’s words start to take action as guerrilla mobs in various places. Lord Jibril and the other LOGOS members are cornered and escape to “Heaven’s Base,” the headquarters of the Earth Alliance military on Earth. And to attack them, the ZAFT forces start to gather in Gibraltar. Among them were the Minerva. Durandal lands at Gibraltar and summons Athrun and Shin and gives ZAFT’s newest mobile suits Destiny Gundam and Legend Gundam to them. Shin happily looks at the unit, but Athrun eyes Durandal suspiciously.