Legacy of Gold


Durandal hands out medals of honor and the FAITH insignia to Shin and Rey. Skillfully coaxed by Rey, Shin begins to hold a blind belief in Durandal’s vision of the future. Meanwhile, Djibril’s whereabouts is confirmed. He is hiding at the Seiran’s mansion in Orb. The ZAFT demands to hand over Djibril but Yuuna makes an announcement that he is not in Orb. Of course ZAFT knows that it is a lie and commence military ascendancy.
  Cagalli hears that Orb is in danger, but the Archangel is still in repairs, Kira is absent, and Athrun is not fully recovered. But that does not stop Cagalli from trying to save her homeland. She is prepared to die and begins to leave with the Murasame squad when Kisaka and Erica Simmons appear. They give her mobile suit Akatsuki Gundam that her late father Uzumi left behind for Cagalli (as a last resort). “Power is only power. It is foolish to desire for multitude of power, but also foolish to refuse it.” Cagalli takes her father’s will to heart, and with the Murasame units, seizes the Orb headquarters and orders that Yuuna be arrested and restrained. She takes command of the Orb forces and temporary push back the ZAFT forces, but with the arrival of Shin’s Destiny and the Minerva, the table turns again. Cagalli’s Akatsuki Gundam and Shin’s Destiny Gundam clash under the Orb’s sky having conflicting emotions toward their homeland.