The world was rocked by the sudden arbitrary speech broadcast by Durandal. With this, Durandal fully grasped the reins of the Supreme Council of the PLANTs. Meanwhile, Murrue and the others launch the Archangel toward Orb, agreeing to Cagalli and Kira’s concern about their home country. On the Minerva, Talia receives new orders to assist the allied forces to invest the Archangel and shoot it down. Shin is rejoiced that he has a chance to beat the Freedom Gundam so soon, but Athrun cannot comply with this sudden order. He argues with Talia, but she has already filed an complaint to the headquarters and had been rejected. The Archangel is a menace with an unknown purpose and therefore the ship and its party must be sunk ― that was the official decision of the PLANTs. The ZAFT forces continue their onslaught on the Archangel. Talia decides arbitrarily and offers them to surrender, but Murrue cannot accept because she vowed to protect Cagalli.
In the meantime, Shin is overwhelming Kira’s Freedom Gundam. He makes creative use of Impulse Gundam’s characteristics and concentrates on fighting, as opposed to Kira who has to protect the Archangel and can never attack the enemy’s cockpit. Kira is gradually driven into a corner. As the Archangel submerges in the water, the Minerva fires the Tannhauser. At the same time, Shin’s Excalibur sword slams through the Freedom Gundam. The Freedom Gundam then explodes and Impulse Gundam emerges out of the smoke.