Kira of the Skies


The ZAFT forces gains complete control of Heaven’s Gate. But Lord Djibril’s whereabouts is still unknown. Durandal orders the army to track him down. Meanwhile, the damaged Archangel was docked at Onogoro Island of Orb. While the crews are busy with the repairs, Kira feels powerless without Freedom Gundam. Murrue tells him to hang on and gently encourages him. Cagalli visits Athrun and they exchange words for the first time in a long time.
Meanwhile, upon Lacus’s orders, Da Costa is investigating the abandoned Mendel colony where there used to be the generic research laboratory. While all the data have been destroyed, he finds a scientific journal. Later, Lacus finds that it mentions of “Destiny Plan” and gasps. Suddenly, the alarm of the Eternal sets off. The ZAFT found the Eternal and Lacus decides to force its way through so she can deliver “a certain thing” and the journal to Kira and the others.
Hearing that the Eternal is in trouble, Kira hastily attaches a booster to Strike Rouge and heads into space. Lacus is saved in the nick of time and gives Kira his new power, Strike Freedom Gundam.